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Taher Shebani

TS Pharm

TS Pharm Inc. is a California pharmaceutical wholesaler specialized in sales of products to the local market as well as export to Latin American, Caribbean Islands, South Pacific and the Middle East.

TS Pharm Inc. offers a full line of pharmaceutical products. This includes OTC and RX medications. We are also supplying many customers with diagnostic reagents, medical and dental supplies, laboratory products.

We have expanded our business to include pharmacies, hospitals, government agencies and clinics in various export markets as well as California customers.

Our main export markets include the Caribbean countries, Central America, Middle East and the South Pacific Islands.

We have several years of experience in representing manufacturers and we have a strong sales force in many markets.

Taher Shebani

Taher Shebani 727-3666
9770 Research Drive Irvine, CA 92618